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Where The Old Man Lives - Updates

Ruaidhrí Hallinan

1 Feb 2023

Post Production Updates

As one journey ends, another starts!

As our shooting journey came to an end recently, our journey in post production is just beginning.

So as we strive to make more progress on the film we're reaching out for continued financial support. We're only halfway there with funding, and a contribution from you can help us settle outstanding bills for the filming and fuel the essential post-production stages in Editing, Sound Mixing, Grading, Scoring, and Distribution.

So we still need help in bringing this film to life, so please consider supporting our GoFundMe campaign:

Please also share the link with friends and family who may be able to help. And if you know of any Businesses or Farming Organisations that are willing to help, we can offer a Special Thanks in the movie credits.

More updates on the film coming soon!

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